In recent years, Cone Beam CT has been the basis of important innovations in the diagnostic and therapeutic field and it is still fastly evolving. This course is designed to provide on the one hand, the theoretical elements to learn about the different technological implementations, and, on the other hand, the operational tools to be used in the process of optimizing the use of this type of equipment.

The recipients of the initiative are medical physicists, radiologists and radiotherapists who wish to expand their knowledge and skills in this area. In particular, the peculiarities of the methodology of acquisition and  images formation, the sources of possible artifacts and alterations of the image quality and the procedure of evaluation of the dose to the patient and the relative more frequent values for the various clinical protocols, will be illustrated.

For the various disciplines, both the point of view of the clinician on the current and future potential of the technology, and that of the medical physicist on the strategies and measures to be implemented for correct management of quality assurance processes and all aspects of radiation protection, will be illustrated.