The AIFM Young group originated in 2021 with the goal of fostering initiatives and projects that provide insights into the present while simultaneously envisioning the future of our cohort of researchers and professionals in the realm of medical physics.

AIFM Young Coordination

The coordination of AIFM Youth, in office for two years and elected simultaneously with the renewal of national social positions, is ensured by a Coordinator, three Advisers, the Representative of Trainees, and the outgoing coordinator from the previous term.

Coordination 2023-2025

During the Association Assembly held online on June 10, 2023, elections were held for the Coordinator, the Advisors, and the Representative of Residente.


Marco Maria Jacopo Felisi email: coordinatoreaifmgiovani@aifm.it


Ilaria Cupparo ilariacupparo@gmail.com

– Pasqualina Gallo linagallo89@gmail.com

– Lorenzo Lasagni lasagni.lorenzo93@gmail.com

Rapresentative of Residence

Sara Parabicoli sara.parabicoli@gmail.com


scientific committee:

Roberta Castriconi email: castriconi.roberta@hsr.it

radiation protection committee :

Agnese Chendi email: agnese.chendi@gmail.com

research committee

Longo Maria Concetta email: longo.mariaconcetta@gmail.com