New technical regulations on anti-x PPE such as CEI 61331 and INAIL guidance (“Proposed Procedure for the Management of Personal Protective Equipment for X-Radiation for Medical Diagnostic Use”) are bringing a new feature to devices. In addition, the forthcoming transposition of DIRECTIVE 2013/59/EURATOM of December 5, 2013, establishing basic safety standards for protection against the dangers of exposure to ionizing radiation, will reduce the dose limit to the lens from 150 mSv/year to 20 mSv/year for exposed workers. The aim of this day is to give operational guidance on radiation protection management for exposed workers, with emphasis on interventional procedures, through the choice of PPE and increased accuracy of dosimetry assessments.

The course will be developed through theoretical lectures referring to basic aspects of technical regulations on DPI, with a special focus on the topic of personal dosimetry.