Anti 5G products: This unknown stuff

10 prodotti venduti come anti 5G sono stati ritirati dal mercato perché radioattivi


The news that the dutch health authority decided to stop the sale of 10 anti 5G products caused a sensation among the population. Indeed the mentioned hose products are presented as protecting tools against radiation generated by new antennas, but they are radioactive  and they could cause important effect and serious health damage to well-being. 

In my opinion these specific products, like this children bracelet, are enough disturbing.

Anti 5G children bracelet

Let ‘us explain the title of this article, Why unknown stuff? We have to consider popular tradition in order to understand it. There is an Italian dialect expression that say so: Un diaul cascia giò quel alter , meaning one devil kicks out another one, and it is used when a digestive problem makes apparent in case of digestion problems. The real, figurative, meaning is that the popular tradition suggests to experience something stronger so that the problem would be eliminated.

This example fits very well in the so far mentioned story, indeed, if we use something that produces ionizing radiation it will be able to eliminate the effect caused by a non-ionizing source, just like 5 G antenna.

Considering this fact, all Science supporters, as we are, have the duty to repair  apologize for to some decision made by some very respectable institution like WHO, that gives some superficial sentence destroying, indeed, that old method or technology, that has been working very well from centuries ago until nowadays, in the name of something new. So the decision to stop the anti 5G products sale taken by the dutch authority was superficial and inappropriate.

(By colleagues’ suggestion, very clever and conscientious, the author wants to advert the reader, this article is written in an ironic way, if the already mentioned reader has not picked and did non understand it, it may be due to the microchips inserted with the covid-19 vaccine. As explained in the text, we suggest the reader to get another more invalidating vaccine. )