We would like to inform you about the most recent updates for Medical Physics in Nuclear Medicine on the IAEA Human Health Campus website.


First and foremost, the IAEA-NMQC Toolkit was developed, a set of ImageJ (Fiji edition)-based plug-ins that allow the processing and analysis of nuclear medicine images acquired for quality control tests of gamma cameras and SPECT systems. Image acquisition of the tests should be performed as described in the guidance document IAEA Human Health Series No. 6 on Quality Assurance for SPECT Systems and/or in the NEMA NU 1-2012 standard – Performance Measurements of Gamma Cameras. Tutorial videos demonstrating in practice the procedures to perform these tests can be freely downloaded and used for any non-commercial use.

Secondly, tutorial videos for Quality Control tests on PET/CT scanners have been uploaded here. The 8 videos available act as a supplementary training tool, demonstrating the procedures to perform the tests described in the IAEA Human Health Series No. 1 on Quality Assurance for PET and PET/CT Systems and in the IAEA Human Health Series No. 27 PET/CT Atlas on Quality Control and Image Artefacts.

Lastly, please be reminded that the Nuclear Medicine Physics Handbook has been released in 2015, providing an overview of the knowledge required in physics, instrumentation and data processing for the practice of medical physics in modern nuclear medicine. Additional training material, in the form of teaching slides, has been developed for each chapter of the handbook. They are designed, as an additional training tool to assist in the better presentation of the content of each chapter.




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Section of Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics | Division of Human Health| Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications | 
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