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This Spring 2019 issue starts with an article by our President, Marco Brambilla, related to EFOMP Leadership meetings: an important initiative which is highly instrumental in establishing an effective collaboration among EFOMP National Member Organizations.

We continue the series of articles by EFOMP Company members (IBA and RTsafe).

Artificial intelligence in Medicine continues to attract our interest: after the publication in Physica Medica of the EFOMP White Paper on big data and deep learning in medical imaging and in relation to the medical physics profession, you will find an article by Eric Pace (member of the EFOMP Education and Training Committee) on Machine Learning in radiological imaging.

We host in this issue a series of articles dealing with MRI: see, for example, the article on page 25 (Imaging at Ultra-High Field: A New Era in Clinical MRI?) by G. A. Keith.

What do medical physicists do in their free time? This section edited by C. Caruana contains new articles by our colleagues, including member of our Editorial Board, David Lurie.

Programmes of the next ESMPE events are illustrated, starting from p. 48.

Please take notice of the 3rd European Congress of Medical Physics, Turin, Italy, 24-26 September 2019, as also announced in this issue: we will be waiting for a very very large participation to our next Congress!

The Editorial Board of EMP News thanks all contributors of the articles of this Spring issue!

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European Medical Physics News, March 2019