This is one of five ESTRO-member-selected workshops within the “2nd ESTRO Physics Workshop Science and Development” , taking place October 26-27 in Malaga (Spain).

The workshop is intended to cover in an integrated way 8 sub-topics:

1.    Data quality and data collection: sharing issues  and Standardization issues

2.    Choice of endpoints: Objective vs subjective scoring; patient-reported vs physician-reported scoring; imaging/functional based scoring; integrating quality of life issues

3.    Modelling issues:  Mechanistic approaches vs data-mining methods

4.    Impact of motion and geometric uncertainties and their incorporation into models

5.    New dosimetry methods: 2D-3D similarity metrics to assess the risk of toxicity. Spatial effects and inter-organs relationships

6.    Incorporation of clinical, biology, genetic, imaging predictors in multi-variable dose-volume models Assessing the performances of a model

7.    Generalizability of models (independent, external, prospective validation studies)

8.    New knowledge: fresh, still unpublished, dose-volume models from clinical studies

In this two-day workshop the focus will be on open discussions in small groups and plenary debates rather than on unidirectional presentations in conference style. Hence, active participation is crucial. Note that the number of participants is limited to about 50, including participants from industry who should also actively participate in the discussions.

The aims of the event are (1) to exchange experience, (2) to define actions points that could push the whole field forward, and (3) to ultimately stimulate collaborations.