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With this e-mail we aim to address all physicists active in diagnostic and interventional radiology or  all physicists and imaging scientists who have experience with medical physics (in radiotherapy or nuclear medicine), yet should get trained better for the challenges in radiology.

After a successful first run of 12 course modules in 2015-2016, the module leaders of the EUTEMPE-RX consortium have now decided to re-run the modules.  The non-profit structure EUTEMPE-net was created to allow the next phase of the activities. As before, high quality, interactive, small group teaching is aimed for. A substantial part of the material is made available online, using a Moodle e-learning platform, prior to a face-to-face part in the institution of the module leader. The modules bring you to several countries in the EU.

 Today, Module 1 on Leadership in the profession and Module 9 on Quality in Mammography are in their online phase and will have their face-to-face in February and March 2017.

 Upcoming course modules with only a few places left are: Module 3 on Monte Carlo Simulations of 

X-ray Imaging and Dosimetry and Module 5 on Physical and Virtual Anthropomorphic Phantoms for Image Quality and Patient Dose Optimization. These modules are to-the-point for completing your training as medical physics expert (in general) or if you want to solve particular questions with simulations. There are many such situations, even in routine settings. The teaching team of Module 3 consists of Josep Sempau (Barcelona, Spain), José Fernandez-Varea (Barcelona, Spain),  Aldo Badano (FDA, Washington, USA) and prof. Hilde Bosmans (Leuven, Belgium). Module 5 takes place in Varna, Bulgaria. In this edition, the Module benefits from the EU supported project MaxiMa and can be offered at very limited costs for the participants. Module leader is Kristina Bliznakova. Several distinguished international speakers join her Module.

Don’t wait and pick the last places in these modules today !!!! Complete the attached form and send it to or complete the inscription directly on the website,

Upcoming Modules are 7: Optimization of X-ray Imaging using standard and innovative Techniques, with an extended online phase and short face-to-face (and the possibility to subscribe for the online phase only). Module leaders are Alistair Mackenzie and prof. Ken Young. The online phase starts June 15, 2017. Register today! Payment follows only after the target number of participants is reached.
 Interested in Innovation and advanced X-ray physics in radiology? Join prof Angelo Taibi and prof Mauro Gambaccini in Ferrarra, Sept 11-15, 2017. The online start is July 1st, 2017.

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Our leaflet gives the complete overview. All modules are stand-alone. You can register for the modules of your interest only.

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Vice President and Secretary General of EFOMP
European Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics
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