Specialization in Medical Physics
In Italy, specialization (or Specialty) Schools (Scuole di specializzazione) provide skills for particular professional activities, mostly in medical areas. These schools enable graduates to practice chosen professions and to use the title of specialista (specialist). They are devised to provide students with knowledge and abilities required for highly qualified the professions (e.g., cardiology, oncology, in our case Medical Physics).
To apply for the courses it is necessary to hold the entrance qualifications shown in the competitive examination announcement (Italian text- Bando di Concorso) – generally a university qualification. For Italian students is necessary a laurea magistrale (classe 20/S) or laurea magistrale a ciclo unico (single cycle degree, classe LM17). For European students a certificate issued by a foreign university showing the examinations taken and pass the necessary entrance tests.
Non-EU citizens resident abroad, who do not have an Italian residence permit, must submit a pre-application request to the Italian diplomatic representation in their country of residence . They can apply for a single Italian university and for a single degree programme.
The competent Italian Embassy/Consulate is the authority responsible for accepting their pre-applications and checking if they meet the requirements for the Study visa.
Resident physicist or residents (“fisici in formazione” or “specializzandi” in Italian) have internships in University-owned hospitals (or in other hospitals/services in agreement with Universities), under the supervision of tutors belonging to Physical staffs of these hospitals (or services), following programs fixed by law (Decreto Interministeriale February 4, 2015 n. 68). Training programs are 3 years long.