For nearly twenty years, the EURADOS Annual Meetings have been a key event on the agenda of the communi- ty working in the field of ionizing radiation dosimetry. It has become a tradition to combine the statutory actions of EURADOS with the meetings of EURADOS working groups as well as with events of general interest such as the EURADOS Winter School or workshops on particularly important topics in dosimetry.

The next EURADOS Annual Meeting, AM2020, will be held from 27 to 30 January 2020 at the Hotel Mediter- raneo in Florence, Italy. The meeting includes the 13th EURADOS Winter School devoted this year to the hot topic of eye lens dosimetry. The general agenda is summarized in the table below. The AM2020 2nd announce- ment, scheduled for mid-October, will provide more details on the agenda and registration.

We look forward to seeing many colleagues from the EURADOS network and many others interested in the AM2020 topics in Florence.

Werner Rühm,

Chairperson EURADOS